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Plastics & Styrofoam® Recycling 
City of Alpharetta

We are excited to announce a collaboration with City of Alpharetta to help reduce plastic and Styrofoam® waste in the city by helping residents with recycling these hard to recycle items. The city residents currently can only recycle #1 PET and #2 HDPE plastic bottles in the curbside container. We will be collecting additional, clean, dry and clearly marked, common plastic items, #1 and #2 (non bottles), #4, #5 and #6. Additionally we will also collect any white colored packaging Styrofoam®, free of any tape. We will not be able to accept Colored Styrofoam®, packing peanuts or takeout food containers. Here are some representative items that will be accepted or rejected to help you prepare your materials to bring to the event. Please note that while the pilot is at no charge to residents, there will be a small cost to participate in future to cover costs.  

Examples of Unacceptable Items

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Examples of Accepted Items

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